Jan 14, 2011

coconut cake

a birthday cake for mom... from one of her little sweet petunia's


the white mountain icing was a disaster

plan b, turned out great

cake plate :: diy {inspiration}
bunting ::  diy {inspiration}


  1. Your blog is so gorgeous...I just got lost in a few of your other posts!
    This bunting and the cake look equally delicious :)

  2. I love your blog, Im trying to get "back" into baking again. Its challenging since moving to Mexico. Love your moms cake decorations..the banner is adorable, I think I may have to try this one

  3. Thank you for sharing this ! I had a dessert at one of my favorite places " Mulberry Street Restorante" in Fullerton, CA , They serve a coconut cake there that is to die for, I've tried to duplicate it but that didn't go well. I am betting that this recipe you've shared will hit the mark and may be even better - You have a beautiful blog I Love the images - Cheryl

  4. This looks yummy and so cute! I love the bunting!

    Come link it over at


    I am also having a giveaway for ITHINKSEW.COM!


  5. your blog is gorgeous.

    i think if you had a lil shop, it would be precious. here in chicago, you'd make a killng!

    if you have time tonight, get your project out there!



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